Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well I'll be... The folks at Valve are always at it.

Of course, just when I have to remove the Windows partition from my Mac, there's posts on the Team Fortress 2 Blog about future updates. Something called the 'Guard Dog'.

Now, I've heard some folks thinking it's a new class which I think would be pretty cute. Animals in the service are extremely important. However, After much Engineer-style cursing, ranting, and pondering I've come to a decision that I really don't think they'd make a new class without finishing work on the updates for the existing ones.

Game design wise, there's no reason to do something like that when there are so many gaps in the other classes that haven't gotten updates yet. (CoughcoughEngineercoughcough) These classes are currently very underpowered and are easily steam rolled by a lot of the changes made to the classes that have gotten some weapon updates.

Now, personally, I think it's a weapon, plain and simple. It's got to something like the Razor Back for the Sniper. Now, if I was going to assign it to any class, it would be the Engineer - A proximity alarm that would replace something like the teleporter. Or maybe a Proximity/land mine for the Demoman or Solider to replace the Sticky Bomb or rocket launcher.

After all it's a patent for something. I don't think Saxton Hale would need review to patent a new class. The Announcer, maybe, but not Saxton Hale.

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