Friday, July 26, 2013

SDCC Write Up and Studios Updates

- San Diego Comic-Con 2013 -

This year at SDCC, I had an amazing time!   Bludhavenbird Cosplay hosted Danielle and myself.  He and his family were wonderful beyond words; I can not thank them enough for welcoming the two of us into their home and into their lives.  That allowed me to rent a car so we could explore San Diego a bit more freely.

At the con itself, I met so many amazing people, whether they were famous or other costumers and individuals heading to nerd central.  Not to mention, I got to see another of my costumes debuted in person, even down to my client's make up and taking her application photos for the Rebel Legion.  If anything, the reason I love what I do and began this business is because I love seeing the smiling faces both of the people that wear my costumes but of the people whose lives are touched by seeing their favorite characters bought to life.

Comic-Con was 4 intense days of costuming, fighting lines, attending panels, seeing previews of new movies and shoes, and shopping for those ever illusive exclusives!  I'm still fighting off the jet lag as life returns to normal, but it was so much better than SDCC 2012.  If I am able, I certainly wouldn't mind making SDCC a regular thing, and maybe even trooping along side my fellow 501st Legion members or working the table.

I miss everyone already, and hope I can stay in touch.

- Snow Bunny Studios News -

With some of the recent changes that have taken place in my life over the past few months, I will be seriously cutting back on the commissions I will be doing.  Some of these changes have already gone into affect and posts have been made in reference to them.  However,  I thought it would be best to ensure that everyone new exactly what was going on.

Those that contacted me prior to my leaving for SDCC have been grandfathered in under my previous commission rules, but starting July 23rd, I will not be taking full costume commissions and will be seriously limiting the number of smaller commissions I will be taking.  I now also require a minimum of 6 months advanced notice on all commissions.  This may change in the future so that I can return to the older commission rules, but when that will happen I do not know.

After I hurt my ankle last winter, I still have a couple lingering commissions that need to be completed that I have been struggling with.  Plus, I have a back log of personal and business costuming related projects, I would like to clear out that cache as well as continue to more forward with my plans to grow Snow Bunny Studios to better serve your costuming needs in the long term.  Sadly, this means for the time being, I will have to limit what I do in order to complete those project.  My goal for Snow Bunny Studios is always to provide you with the best quality and highest accuracy possible.  I also wish to provide my clients with more ready made items in my Etsy shop.  Hopefully, this change in commission status will be a temporary thing, and everything will be up and running back to normal soon.  Again, commissions are not closed, they are simply of a very limited number.

If you are interested in a Snow Bunny Studios product, check out my Etsy shop.  If you can't find what you're looking for on Etsy and wish to ask me about a commission, please contact me either through email or use the Wufoo Inquiry Submission Form.

Thanks everyone for being so amazing and supportive to Snow Bunny Studios and Happy Cosplay!  Stay tuned for more amazing things soon.